This is the Dutch institute of Food&Design. The DIFD creates a global platform for designers working with food and eating. We explore how we create food and what, why and how we eat. We show the relevance of food connected to design and design connected to food. We ask critical questions about the discipline and link designers to each other and other sectors. The DIFD brings an emerging design discipline to the next level. With our final goal in mind: to enrich eating cultures and address the societal and environmental challenges around food using design as a tool to achieve this.


The DIFD facilitates the exchange and development of new visions on food and design and creates a platform for these new ideas. We do this though publications, events, discussions and the Future Food Design Awards. Join us and stay updated on our upcoming activities: sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.


Food Design is an emerging design discipline that deserves recognition,  support and a critical discussion in order for it to develop into a solid discipline. It might not be exclusively Dutch in origin, with early pioneers from around the world, but it is through the Dutch design community that it has become its own discipline over the past couple of years. This is evidenced by the launch of the world’s first food design degree at the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2014. Supporting the Dutch Institute of Food&Design is an opportunity to position the Netherlands at the forefront of this growing global design movement that is re-examining what, why and how we eat. Even though we operate from the Netherlands, food is a global issue and designers working are a global movement we support.

Food might well be the primary motivation for all human industry, and certainly crosses over many specializations from farming, leisure and healthcare to transportation, economics and anthropology. Yet, given the current environmental, social and political crises, the future of what we eat is uncertain and undefined. We also know about the large amount of waste and health problems caused by the industrial food complex. Designers have the ability to look at a bigger picture and collaborate with specialists to explore alternative approaches for both consumers and producers.


The Dutch institute of Food&Design is an initiative of Marije Vogelzang and Helen Kranstauber (Food Cabinet). The DIFD team: Marije Vogelzang, Helen Kranstauber, Femke Glas, Linette Mak. Members of the Board: Joris Lohman (The Food Hub), Ingrid van der Wacht (Dutch Design Foundation), Robin van der Werff, Diana Wind.

The DIFD is supported by Het Brabants Kenniscentrum Kunst en Cultuur (BKKC), Het BankGiro Loterij Fonds, Het Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie.