picture by Stummerer / Hablesreiter / Akita / koeb

The Austrian duo Honey and Bunny (Martin Hablesreiter and Sonja Stummerer), initially working in architecture, changed their career into the realm of Food Design since 2003. First by researching the literal, industrial design of food with a book, exhibition and film called Food Design and Food design XL, later with performances, interventions and dinners questioning not only the food itself but also the etiquette, social setting and politics of food. This lead to their next book about the act of eating called EAT DESIGN. The work of Honey and Bunny is an ongoing research and reflection on the simple act of eating. Their work is an undefined mix of critical and endearing, often as astoundingly genius yet simple as a child questioning the seemingly obvious.  Sometimes their style might stand in the way of their message, other times they are right on spot.

By choosing performance as their medium they are able get under the skin of the audience, manipulating their experience and bringing narratives as sustainability, politics, food culture and food value literally to the table. Contrary to the books, which are frozen in time but are also a dense source of knowledge, the performances are scattered, ephemeral but also developing and building on previous experiences. It seems, as a design studio, Honey and Bunny have found the perfect mix of expression focussed on the multi-layered, intangible field of food.

While food is in their core, they can flexibly move to other fields of interest. Their next book will be about cleaning. On their website they state: Once again we are dedicating ourselves to an everyday activity; we are thematising rituals, traditions, and conventions around design objects that go completely unnoticed. On the basis of the private, almost intimate, cleaning process we disclose social and political questions around equality, work migration, ecology and modern slavery.

Sonja and Martin have their own food design program at New Design University in St. Pölten, Austria.



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